Welcome to the International Green Catalysis Symposium of Rennes



Registration desk will be open on Tuesday March 6 from 16h to 18h and on Wednesday March 7 from 8h to 9h.

Conference venue: Université de Rennes 1, campus de Beaulieu. Bus line 4 (direction Beaulieu-Atalante) and 6 (direction Cesson-Sévigné) will take you from the city centre to the main entrance of the university in 15 min. From 7.50 to 8.20, one bus will leave Republique towards the conference venue every 5 minutes.

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WiFi connexion will be possible using your usual login parameters if your institution is a member of theEduroam.org and eduroam.fr etwork provided proper configuration of your laptop.

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3 days invited accounts will be possible on site.

Event during the symposium
A party will be organized on March 8 evening to offer Christian Bruneau THE  book of the dedicated papers that are currently dedicated to him for his contribution to catalysis on the occasion of his birthday.

If you have a manuscript under review or an accepted publication that you want to dedicate to him, it is not too late, just let us know.


We warmly invite you to participate in the International Green Catalysis Symposium of Rennes
The objectives of the symposium are:
- to present to academic and industry researchers the recent research and developments of most topics of green catalysis, a fast growing field, towards sustainable development.
- to offer young scientists the opportunity to be involved in the various facets of green catalysis and  discuss with the leaders of this field that is expected to change the future of chemistry.
- to offer young scientists the opportunity to present their catalysis contribution by poster.

The symposium will offer an assortment of:

  • General lectures presenting various aspects of Green Catalysis
  • New research results in this field of Green Catalysis (see topics)
  • Several invited speakers will give one general lecture on Green Chemistry and one focusing on their recent research.

There will be a set of 24 h lectures. This set of Green Catalysis lectures can be retained by each doctorate school as a set of  lectures (a module) for PhD students.

Where It will be held from Wednesday 7 until Friday 9 of March 2012 at the University of Rennes 1 in Rennes (campus de Beaulieu), France.

  • Abstract submission: January 25th, 2012
  • Registrations: February 15th, 2012

All modern advances and new trends in catalysis for green chemistry:

  • Green processes and catalysis
  • Activation and functionalization of C-H bonds
  • Renewable raw materials and catalysis
  • Alkene/Alkyne metathesis
  • Asymmetric catalysis
  • Energy conversion and storage
  • Green chemistry in industry
  • Organometallics at the frontier of catalysis

Christophe Darcel & Henri Doucet